Game Reporting

  • Every team should select a game reporting representative (and a backup representative) who will be responsible for submitting their game report by 10:00 pm the evening of each league game.  Both teams are required to submit game scores.  Teams failing to do so will be fined $25 (all teams will be given one formal warning) as noted in the KWSL Constitution.
  • Click on ‘REPORTING’ from the menu on the KWSL website and then click ‘Report Match Scores’.  Follow the prompts and complete all required information.
  • By the end of each month, please mail all triplicate forms in the envelopes provided to: 174 Knollwood Dr. Kamloops, BC V2C 4M6
  • Failure to drop game sheets off at the end of each month will result in a $25 fine as noted in the KWSL Constitution.
  • If teams do not ensure that these procedures are followed, the KWSL Executive is not able to accurately track statistics, report to the media or maintain the KWSL website.  Each team will be fined for not reporting on time or for submitting inaccurate information.
  • For any questions associated to the game reporting process, please email Trish (, our stats/website member.

Thank you for your cooperation!   Have a great soccer season!