Discipline Log

April 18, 2016Laura SmylieMiddletonYCunsporting behaviour
June 1, 2016Sandra RedfordMiddletonYCdissent by word of action
June 8, 2016Stephanie PowersNorth Shore ShoppersYCfailing to respect the required distance when play
June 20, 2016Wendy CoolurisMiddletonYCunsporting behaviour
June 20, 2016Hannah StaintonMiddletonYCpersistent infringement of the laws of the game
July 6, 2016Val ShannikMiddletonYC/YC=RCunsporting behaviour
August 17, 2016Caleigh HootBMOYC/YC=RCdissent by word of action & unsporting behaviour
July 14, 2016Cathy CugliettaRockin Firkin ReccosRCdissent by word of action
July 14, 2016Cathy CugliettaRockin Firkin Reccos12 month touchline ban
12 month playing ban
reduced to 10 months once referee entry level course complete
physical contact with a game official
Ban complete May 14, 2017
April 21, 2016Tamara TashlikowichScotia MacLeodYCunsporting behaviour
May 26, 2016Jo McKennaRockin Firkin ReccosYCunsporting behaviour
June 28, 2016Barb KervinRockin Firkin ReccosYCdissent by word or action
July 26, 2016Stephanie CookJimmy's IceYCunsporting behaviour
April 26, 2016Ashley CarlsonRiver City RebelsYCunsporting behaviour
May 3, 2016Sue HolmFresh Is BestYCunsporting behaviour
June 8, 2016Jenn LeeRiver City Rebels YCunsporting behaviour
June 20, 2016Cassia DurvinDanchukYCunsporting behaviour
July 6, 2016Alana GiesbrechtDanchukYCunsporting behaviour
July 13, 2016Zaria HayesKelly O'BriansYCunsporting behaviour
July 13, 2016Bianca MirabelliBMO Hammaer ShowsYCunsporting behaviour
July 18, 2016COACHFresh is Bestdissent by word or action
April 18, 2017Shanda Rae SampsonDuffysYCunsporting behaviour
April 19, 2017Samantha RyanSoccer QuestYCunsporting behaviour
April 19, 2017Miranda CuthbertsonKal Tire WinosYCunsporting behaviour
May 15, 2017Jen TazelaarMiddletonYCdissent by word "AND" action
May 15, 2017Sue KabotoffKelly O'BriansYCunsporting behaviour
May 24, 2017Shay G.MetroYCunsporting behaviour
May 29, 2017Tasia PittmanNorth Shore ShoppersYCunsporting behaviour
May 31, 2017Amy AndersonMiddletonYCunsporting behaviour
May 31, 2017Megan PrinsMainstreetYCpersistent infringement of the laws of the game
May 31, 2017Alexa BowserBMOYCunsporting behaviour
May 31, 2017Jenna HardyDWYCunsporting behaviour
June 1, 2017Esther ConseiheinScotia MacLeodYCunsporting Behaviour
June 5, 2017Sherry SandersonFresh Is BestYCunsporting behaviour
June 12, 2017Sarah RoseNorth Shore ShoppersYCunsporting behaviour
June 13, 2017Aleece LairdFresh is BestYCunsporting behaviour
June 21, 2017Rochelle SmithMetroYCunsporting behaviour
June 20, 2017Isabelle KreiseScotia McLeodYCunsporting behaviour
June 26, 2017Kaitlin FitzgeraldMainstreetYCunsporting behaviour
July 4, 2017Jo McKennaRockin FirkinYCunsporting behaviour
July 6, 2017Emma O'GradyDuffysYCunsporting behaviour
July 12, 2017Ashley McCallumRebelsYCdissent by word or action
July 12, 2017Cassie DurvinDanchukYCunsporting behaviour
July 20, 2017Shanda Rae SampsonDuffysRC - 6 Game Suspension using offensive/insulting/abusive language
July 20, 2017Karen LaurillardDuffysRC - 4 Game Suspension using offensive/insulting/abusive language
July 20, 2017Kelly BeltranoDuffysRC - 4 Game Susupensionusing offensive/insulting/abusive language
July 27, 2017Gaudenza RamunnoScotia McLeodYCpersistent infringement of the rules of the game
August 16, 2017Tina KeatingMainstreetYCunsporting behaviour
August 17, 2017Cathy CugliettaRockin FirkinYCUnsporting behaviour
August 17, 2017Pattie WrightWest EcoRCdenying goal or obvious scoring opportunity
August 24, 2017Keely BlandFourstarYCunsporting behaviour
August 28, 2017Sherry AndersonFresh Is BestYCunsporting behaviour
August 28, 2017Jenae BraithwaiteMainstreetYCunsporting behaviour