Entry level Ref Clinic

KSRA is hosting an entry level clinic the first weekend of March. It would be great if you could pass on the information below to the members of your leagues in case anyone is interested in becoming a referee! We would like the clinic to fill up, but so far we only have 3 people registered. I am hoping you guys can help spread the word!

Entry Level Clinic – March 3-5  (3rd: 6pm-9pm, 4th: 9am-4pm, and 5th: 9am-3pm) You must attend all 3 days.  Kamloops Soccer Dome (313 Nishga Way, Kamloops, BC)
This clinic is suited for those who want to referee or assistant referee youth or higher.
Pre-requisite: Minimum 14 years old on or before clinic date.
Clinic Fee: $125 (plus $4.25 user fee / system processing fee)
Register here: http://www.refcentre.com/bc/ Search by Club/District, select KSRA, then follow the instructions.

Lightning Policy

The following outlines the policy with respect to games played when Lightning exists or is threatening:

  1. If you see lightning, starting counting until your hear thunder.
  2. If thunder is heard 30 seconds or less after the lightning, suspend the game for 30 minutes.
  3. Sky must be clear of lightning for 30 minutes before game resumes.