Game Cancellations

Games need to be cancelled at least 44 hours in advance.  Otherwise, the defaulting team will be fined the cost of the referee and field.  It is also the defaulting team’s responsibility to inform the team they are scheduled to play with appropriate notice.

Protocol to cancel a game:

  • Email the Referee Allocator, Fahrudin Djelmo at
  • If no response is received from the Referee Allocator via email, phone to confirm that the Referee Allocator has received the message: 250-374-0163.
  • CC the KWSL Scheduler (Christine Feere –
  • Call the team that you are scheduled to play and confirm that they have received the message.
  • Email the KWSL Stats/Website Manager (Trish Meacher – to inform us that you are defaulting your game and that the appropriate people have been notified.
  • Forfeited games still need to be reported by both teams.
  • The opposing team will be rewarded a 1 – 0 win.
  • Games will not be rescheduled due to cancellations.