Hi Everyone, 
I would like to introduce myself as the president of the KSRA for this year. I am really excited to take on this roll and am looking forward to the season beginning. We recently had a board meeting last week and began planning for the year. Below are some things we would like you to keep in mind for the upcoming season. 
One change is that we will no longer be utilizing the referee feedback form. We welcome positive feedback and praise to be sent to our KSRA email ( 
Additionally, our constitution was changed and a formal complaint must be submitted in writing or electronic format (i.e. email) to a board member. Upon receiving a formal complaint our discipline committee will investigate.
I am also taking this opportunity to remind all leagues that KSRA requires a minimum of 48 hours notice of a game cancellation by a team. This notice must be provided to Fahrudin Djelmo (email and phone call). If a game is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, the league will still be billed for the referee services. 
I look forward to working with all of you this season! If you ever have any questions or concerns for me, you can reach me at this email or by calling 250-318-4145. 
Thank you, 
Hailey Manke
KSRA President