We are currently looking into a second draft for our season. If you are a new player and would like to join our league please contact a liaison and let them know. If we don’t have enough interest there won’t be a second draft so tell your friends!!


Monday April 24th    
DW Builders Ronik Rockets Mac Island #1 18:00
Metro Reloaders Danchuk Construction Mac Island #2 18:00
N.S. Shoppers Drug Mart Middleton Petroleum Mac Island #7 18:00
BMO Hammershows C.C. Auto Centre Spice Mac Island #4 18:00
Rebels Fresh is Best Hillside – LOWER 18:00
Kelly O’s Mainstreet Singh Bowl #1 18:00

There has been a Field change for May 30 for REC.

Earls vs Jimmy’s Ice is now playing on Valleyview Centennial 
Kamloops Woman’s Outdoor League Division Descriptions:

Open Division

*Please note: number of tiers may change due to number of teams in this division*

  • Slide tacking is allowed
  • Carded PCL, Rep, University/College, All Star & Premier players can ONLY play in this division

Meant for players who:

  1. have a thorough knowledge of the game
  2. play at a high to elite skill level
  3. desire to play at a competitive level of play


  1. have a fair knowledge of the game
  2. play at a good to moderately advanced skill level
  3. want to play at a more experience and semi competitive pace

Recreational Division

  • NO slide tacking allowed – YELLOW CARD WILL BE ISSUED
  • A 5 year (seasons) period MUST pass before Carded PCL, Rep, University/College, All Star, and Premier players are deemed as eligible to play

Meant for players who:

  1. have no or very little experience playing soccer
  2. wish to play at a relaxed to moderate pace