KYSA will be opening registration for the 2016/2017 Women’s Indoor League on Friday, Sept 9th 2016.  Team registration can be done online http://www.kysa.net/soccerdome/?page_id=108  or in person at the KYSA office Tues-Fri 9am-2pm.

The cost per team will be $2000 with a maximum roster of 18 players.  No individual registrations.

Team registration will close on Oct 3rd.

Rosters will be accepted until October 3rd.  Requests for roster changes after this date will be at the discretion of KYSA. Submit your roster at http://www.kysa.net/soccerdome/?page_id=52

League play will be on Sunday afternoons/evenings starting October 23rd  to March 12th 2017.

Game times TBD and will be dependent on how many teams register.

Proposed 3 tiers (based on team registrations and may be subject to change)

  • Premier A
  • Premier B (roster can carry a maximum of FIVE 2016 Outdoor KWSL designated Div 1 players, KYSA Select Players, CIS or PCSL carded players
  • Recreation C (Rosters can carry a maximum of FIVE 2016 Outdoor KSWL designated Div 2 players.  Rosters are NOT permitted to carry any 2016 Outdoor KWSL designated Div 1 players, KYSA Select Players, CIS or PCSL carded players.

Players who did not previously play in the 2016 OUTDOOR Season will need to individually pay an additional $20 to cover their BC Soccer Insurance Fee prior to the first league game.  This can be done online.  Please email kysapc@telus.net for more info on how to do this.



Program Coordinator

Kamloops Youth Soccer Association
P: 1.250.376.2750


FREE!! LADIES INDOOR DROP IN For those registered and paid for the 2016/17 Indoor Soccer Quest season 7 week program Aug31-Oct 12 Develop your quick feet and first touch on the ball. Come and play in Kamloops only arena soccer facility. Concession/ Bar, Air conditioned and a super quick, low stoppage games. Less than 20 players 60 minutes, 21-30 players 90 minutes all for $5.00 per drop in for those not registered for the 2016/17 indoor season at Soccer Quest. Ladies Rec for the ladies of the Kamloops Womens Rec league. Start date Monday Sept 5. 6.30-8pm Ladies Outdoor Div 1 & 2. Start Date Wednesday September 7. 6.30-8pm. New Players Welcome!! Get ready for our indoor season that starts October 17. For rules and regulations and more information please go to www.soccerquest.ca

Kamloops Woman’s Outdoor League Division Descriptions:

Open Division

*Please note: number of tiers may change due to number of teams in this division*

  • Slide tacking is allowed
  • Carded PCL, Rep, University/College, All Star & Premier players can ONLY play in this division

Tier 1
Meant for players who:

  1. have a thorough knowledge of the game
  2. play at a high to elite skill level
  3. desire to play at a competitive level of play

Tier 2

Meant for players who:

  1. have a fair knowledge of the game
  2. play at a good to moderately advanced skill level
  3. want to play at a more experience and semi competitive pace

Recreational Division

  • NO slide tacking allowed
  • A 5 year (seasons) period MUST pass before Carded PCL, Rep, University/College, All Star, and Premier players are deemed as eligible to play

Meant for players who:

  1. have no or very little experience playing soccer
  2. wish to play at a relaxed to moderate pace